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All That Work For Three Days of Straight Hair??

I’m really enjoying experimenting with my hair. I try to wear a different style at least every other day and this last weekend, I decided to straighten my hair and try a few straight styles.

Straightening natural hair is a very controversial issue in the “natural hair community” because some people have these “rules” on how women should wear their hair. I am not one of those people.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been more and more frustrated with my hair lately because it’s shoulder length and requires a lot more maintenance from day to day. Not only that, the Mississippi heat and humidity is my hair’s worst enemy. Therefore, whether I wear it straight or curly…there is bound to be something wrong with it.

Anyway I spent about 3-4 hours (includes blowdrying process) straightening my hair for about three days of more manageable hair. The following photos are the styles I tried while wearing it straight, in addition to the above photo.

Flexi-rod curls on Day 2 hair



Pulled back into a bun on Day 3…I had to try this style, it was my favorite hairstyle back during my ballet days


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