Alabama Church Files Lawsuit Against Pastor Who Refuses To Step Down After Revealing His HIV Status And Affairs With Congregants

The Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church board has filed a lawsuit seeking to remove Pastor Juan McFarland, after he refuses to leave despite a vote to remove him as the leader of the church.

During a September sermon McFarland revealed that he had used drugs, took money from the church and had affairs with longtime congregants on church grounds, contracting HIV in 2003 and having an AIDS diagnosis in 2008.

Sunday, two days before the church’s board of deacons and board of trustees filed a lawsuit against McFarland, he gave a sermon on divine healing. The lawsuit alleges that McFarland changed the locks at the church and put church bank accounts in his name after members discovered his wrongdoings. The suit seeks to remove the pastor, change the locks at the church, change the names on church bank accounts and force McFarland to return his Mercedes-Benz that is owned by the church.

The lawsuit comes after an 80-1 vote to remove the pastor.

Source: NY Daily

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