Akon On Polygamy: Says Average Man Has A Main Girl, Sidechick & Jumpoff (VIDEO)

According to Akon, polygamy is going to save couples from domestic disputes.

During an interview with TMZ, the rapper/producer shared his beliefs about polygamy including the fact that it was lead to fewer domestic disputes. His theory is based around his belief that men are breeders by nature and it’s in their genes to be attracted to beautiful women and want to get with them, without even thinking about it.

He goes on to say that marriage is about a spiritual attachment but he could be spiritually attached to more than one woman at a time. He says that because men and women are in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and treating them like marriages, they’re messing up the whole purpose of dating, which is to see other people at any given time until you feel like one makes you want to commit.

Watch the full interview up top.

Does he have a point? I think he does in some of what he said, but tell me what YOU think in our comment section below.

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