Aisha Tyler Dishes On Why Lying Doesn’t Work In The Age Of Technology


Advanced technology has changed our lives by making things easier, connecting us to people and places all over the world and by making telling a lie harder.

In a Glamour blog post, Aisha dishes on how lying in relationship has “ended” thanks to technology. She wrote:

Here’s the cold, hard truth, ladies and gentlemen: Our days of deception have officially ended. From mendacious blood doper Lance Armstrong to greedy womanizer Tiger Woods, from hooker-patronizing Eliot Spitzer to penis-parading Anthony Weiner, prominent men—and women (witness the ham-fisted cover-up and tumble from grace of Paula Deen)—are finding it hard to pull a fast one. Even adorable pokes like Justin Bieber and Michael Phelps know that the most “private” homes aren’t safe; everyone’s your best friend till they get a pic of you smoking a bong. Lying. Is. Over.

She goes on to say:

No more secret bad wordts; they live on the servers forever. And no more trysts in dark restaurants, where every diner with an iPhone is a potential filmmaker, ready to make you famous. We are triangulated, photographed, cookied, and pinged at every turn—computers know more about us now than we know about ourselves. It’s no longer a question of if you’ll get caught in a lie—it’s a question of when.

What do you think of Aisha’s post, does she have a point?


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