Adele Givens Hints At Lawsuit Against Sheryl Underwood For Claims She Made During ‘The Talk’

When Sheryl Underwood had her truth moment on The Talk, it was retweeted and shared so much on social media that you couldn’t help but watch it.

Comedienne Adele Givens was one of the women that Underwood mentioned and she isn’t happy about it. Adele took to Twitter to let fans know that she had obtained legal counsel to deal with the aftermath.

I personally felt that Sheryl’s comments were genuine and it seemed as though she was telling the truth. When something bad happens to me, I remember every single detail and I’m able to tell the story. I can imagine that hearing someone say hurtful things would be something that’s extremely hard to forget. And let’s be real here, what would Sheryl have to gain by throwing salt (if the story isn’t true) on them? She has helped make a few of them somewhat relevant again.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Sheryl’s moment of truth, watch it below.

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