Actress Meagan Good Reveals That Her Eyebrows Are Tattooed On


Meagan Good has been made fun of for a while now about her eyebrows and she finally set the record straight.

The “Deception” actress revealed to Wendy Williams that her eyebrows are tattooed on:

I actually don’t have to do anything [to them] now because I tattooed them. I tattooed them 6 years ago. The area I grew up in, there were a lot of Spanish girls. And they used to shave their eyebrows off to draw them on. When I started doing that, they didn’t grow back. So I had to tattoo them on.

I’ll admit that I was curious how her eyebrows looked perfect all the time and how they looked so shiny/sculpted but never rubbed off. Whoever tattooed them for her did a great job.

(Necole Bitchie)

Would you consider tattooing your eyebrows?




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