A HOT Mess: Church Plans To Sue Andrew Caldwell For Releasing “I’m Not Gay No More” Song On iTunes

This is getting out of hand…

By now we’re sure that you’ve either seen or heard about the video of Andrew Caldwell at the Church of God in Christ convention testifying that he had been “delivert” from homosexuality. Well he, like many people who gain 15 minutes of internet fame, is trying to make a few bucks from his newly found popularity.

With the help of a few background singers and a producer, Caldwell has released a single titled “I’m Not Gay No More” on iTunes.

*face palm*

According to TMZ, a leader at the church told them that they want Caldwell to stop promoting the song because they own the audio and they feel he is making a mockery of the service. In response, Andrew says that he has copyrighted the song and it’s his voice so no one can claim ownership of it.

I’m just going to leave this song here and let you all have at it. My comments will be saved for later so I can wrap my head around all of this.

To see the song on iTunes, click here.

Source: TMZ

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