9/11, A Day America Will Never Forget


The tragic events that occured on September 11, 2001, informally referred to as 9/11, will forever be ingrained in the minds of American citizens. I remember the first time I heard of the tragedy. I was sitting in homeroom in the sixth grade. The teacher informed us of the news and the room fell silent because no one could believe something this devastating had happened. I immediately thought about those lives that were lost and remembered saying that I couldn’t begin to imagine the grief that the families of the victims were going through. My mother expressed similar sentiments as and when she got home from work. It was not until later that I received the full details regarding the attacks. Even then, it was still difficult to wrap my head around the idea that this actually happened.

On the morning of Tuesday, 9/11, an American Airlines Boeing 767 purposefully flew into the World Trade Center in New York City. The impact killed hundreds of people and injured hundreds more. The explosion trapped a plethora of people on higher floors. Less than 20 minutes later, a second plane crashed into the World Trade Center and landed on the 60th floor. The world watched as a third plane plummeted into the Pentagon. The History Channel reported that “125 military personnel and civilians were killed in the Pentagon, along with all 64 people aboard the airliner.”

Due to damage from the explosions, the south and west towers of the World Trade Center abruptly collapsed shortly after the bombing of the Pentagon. The death toll rose to 3,000 because of the collapse.

The fourth and final plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Passengers were aware of the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon through mobile devices. They rallied together and decided to attack the hijackers. In spite of their bravery, the plane’s impact killed everyone on board. The target for this attack remains unknown.

Islamic terrorists from Arab nations led these attacks on the U.S., spearheaded by Osama bin Laden. President Bush released Operation Enduring Freedom on October 7th in an effort to put an end to Osama bin Laden’s illegal dealings and the Taliban regime. The U.S. successfully destroyed the Taliban regime, but Osama bin Laden was not discovered until May 2, 2011 under President Obama’s term.

Countless firefighters, police officers, and paramedics lost their lives attempting to save people on the higher floors of the towers. The sudden attacks injured thousands of men and women. Of all the people that were in the towers, there were only six survivors.




Today, many Americans find various ways to commemorate 9/11. The Tri-State area plans to hold several events. The first event was a memorial service on Sunday, September 8th that featured guest speakers and musical talent. The 11th Annual Remembrance in the Park ceremony convened Tuesday, September 10th. The event honors those individuals serving our country through the armed forces or through community endeavors regarding law enforcement. Today, there will be a Remembrance parade and ceremony to honor those that lost their lives eleven years ago. Several other areas are doing similar events within their communities.

SOURCES: HeraldHistory
PHOTOS: Daily Mail



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