7 Reasons Why Being A Hater Is A Waste Of Time


We’ve compiled a list of why being a hater is a waste of your time and energy as and when it comes to another person’s life or accomplishments. Check out our list below and govern yourself accordingly!

The number one reason is plain and simple: You were created as an individual. You are unique and unlike any other person on Earth! This means you have a place and a purpose like no other. Haters keep reading, it gets easier to understand.

2: It doesn’t do you any good to hate! PERIOD. We are ALL predestined for greatness, whether it’s on a small scale or a larger scale. The problem is most people don’t invest in themselves enough to reach their own individual potential. (Disclaimer: although we humans oftentimes have faith in potential, action and actively working on goals is what gets you to the next level. Potential only gives you the idea or belief that something can happen.)

3: Just because someone is better off than you, doesn’t mean they are better than you. We are all different. We all have different strengths, attributes, and gifts.

4: If you are a hater and your energy goes into worrying about the next person, you will miss out on what’s for you! Focus is very necessary. Once your focus is off course, you’re liable to miss YOUR mark.

Think of your life being like a car and you’re the navigator – your eyes wonder off the road to marvel at someone else’s car (life). You drift to the side, run off the road and miss the exit to your destination! Yes, you can re-route and still make it but it will definitely set you back! Don’t let envying others distract you and stifle your progress in life! The reality is, you don’t know what Jill or Jack had to go through to get that car (“life”).

5: The greatest gift in life is love, not hate. You get back what you give, so giving hate, gets you hate! Love creates a cycle of success and harmony. Hate creates a cycle of bitterness and jealousy. Which cycle are you a part of – love or hate?

6: To my surprise, this reason is a harsh reality for most people: wherever you are in life, it’s your fault! (Whether good or bad. Jessica wrote about this before, click here to read.)

It’s true, things and people will always affect our lives – sometimes negatively, sometimes positively. However, at the end of the day, all you have is you. Remember, you’re the navigator! You have to be your #1 supporter and motivator wherever you are in life in order to make your potential a reality.

And lastly,

7: Be confident! Many people hate on others because they lack confidence in themselves. No one is destined to be a hater. It’s just a cowardly defense mechanism to get through life by not facing your own challenges, not believing in yourself and not ACTING on your potential and being lazy!

Love yourself enough to know that you are especially special…. DO you!

Keep pressing and don’t waste your time hating!


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