6 Ways To Survive A Family Reunion


Summer is underway and a lot of people are gearing up for their family reunions. I’m actually excited about mine, but if you aren’t, here are six ways to get through them.

Stay hydrated – It’s summer so we know it’s going to be hot. If a picnic is involved in your family reunion celebration, there’s a great chance you’ll be outside. (Duh.) So keep a bottle of water handy. You WILL be hot (duh again) and you don’t want to pass out. Plus it’s good for you and staying hydrated helps you lose weight, which will come in handy after eating all those ribs.

Contribute – Feel free to help decorate or make even make a dish for an event. It will help you connect with people and it allows you to stand out. You’ll also feel better for helping. I will be spending this weekend helping my cousin decorate, which will also give us an opportunity to catch up.

Change the subject – Do you get tired of being asked about your employment status, if you’re seeing someone, or how school is going? Find a way to answer the question nicely or talk about how good the food is. You could also ask about family history. You can get the attention off of you and learn something at the same time.

Drink – Things getting a little rough? Feel free to have a drink to relax, but don’t get sloppy drunk. No one wants to deal with a crazy situation at the reunion.

Plan some alone time – It’s perfectly OK to take an hour for yourself. Relaxing will be necessary after being around a large group of people. Take a quick nap or lie and tell people you’re going to take a nap as and when you really just want to do something else. It’s up to you.

Be open-minded and have fun – You never know what relative may be able to help you look for a job, a place to live or will give you money/gifts. There’s also the chance that you’ll just have a good conversation and a fun time. .

What are your plans for your family gatherings over the summer? Share that and some of your tips for surviving a family reunion!

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