50 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do


My girls over at Eve Jane Clair have forced me to reevaluate whether or not I’m actually a woman yet. They’ve compiled a list of things that all women should know how to do and I’m proud to say that I can do most of these things. While I can’t change a tire or jump a care, I’m practically an expert at cooking and I have extensive knowledge in several areas.

Here’s their list of 50 things that every woman should know how to do, check it out and see how you measure up!

1. Cook raw meat and vegetables; boil pasta and rice; bake and create a signature dish
2. Clean a home
3. Change a Tire
4. Jump a car
5. Listen and take advice
6. Self defense
7. Drive a car
8. Drive a stick shift
9. Basic Financial Knowledge such as paying taxes, pay bills, handle loans
10. How to Rent an Apartment
11. Read a map
12. Handle herself as and when dealing with a disagreeable person
13. Clean and bandage a wound
14. Basic computer functions
15. Care for a baby and young child
16. Check oil on her car
17. Fix the basics around the house: faucet, sink, toilet, etc.
18. Paint a room
19. Use a hammer, drill, wrench properly
20. Put together furniture that includes the directions
21. Book your own flight
22. Obtain a passport
23. Invest in the stock market
24. Sew
25. Perform CPR
26. Light and cook on a grill
27. Properly hang things on a wall
28. Ask for a raise
29. Tell which direction they are in
30. Build a fire
31. Make small talk with anyone
32. Know when to be transparent
33. Know when to disclose information
34. General knowledge or religion and politics
35. General knowledge of current events
36. Buy the right sized bra
37. Wrap a gift
38. Hail a taxi
39. Put together a real retiring strategy
40. Send a professional email
41. Protecting yourself during bad word
42. Be healthy in a romantic relationship
43. Hold your own in any situation, especially in relation to a man
44. Basic workout skills
45. Being a appropriate on the internet and having etiquette
46. Prepare and handle yourself in an interview
47. Rejecting a person interested in a romantic relationship
48. Set a table and place and use cutlery
49. Washing your face before going to sleep
50. Self-breast exam

SOURCE: Eve Jane Clair | PHOTO CREDIT: Madame Noire

Eve Jane Clair is an online community run by three friends determined to highlight and discuss perspectives and passions of women of color. Visit them online at You can also follow them on Twitter @EveJaneClair and on Instagram @EveJaneClair.

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