5 Ways To Deal With Stress

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We all deal with this thing called stress, but do we really know what stress is or what it does to us?

According to WebMD, stress is what we feel as and when we are handling or put into a situation that we’re not familiar with. Once our bodies realize that we are stressed it will respond as if we are in danger. This triggers our fight or flight response and anxiety.

Stress can have long-lasting effects such as headaches, trouble sleeping, back pain, weaken immune system, heart problems and it can even lead to stroke. Don’t get me wrong, not all stress is bad. Our bodies can take a normal amount of it, but when it gets to the point where it is playing a big role in our every day lives and our health then there is a problem. It is important that we know how to get our stress under control before it causes any harm. Here are five easy ways to do that.

1. Remove yourself from the situation.
Whether it’s a project for work or something at home, it’s always good to step away from the problem for a while to put yourself in the right head space.

2. Add a workout to your daily routine.
Physical activity not only keeps us in shape but removes tension from our bodies that was caused by stress.

3. Try to stay positive
This trick comes in handy in even the worst situations. If you are like me and dealing with something as stressful as a recent death in the family, it is important to stay positive. This is an easy time for negativity to come in and take over your life. The more positive you try to think of the situation, the less stress you will be under.

4. Try relaxation techniques.
Unwind after a long day by having “me” time. Always find something that relaxes you – it can be meditation, reading a good book, a hot bath or watching TV. Whatever can take your mind away from the problem and help your body relax, do it!

5. Seek help
There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from a therapist or support group when the stress becomes too much. In fact I would suggest to do it before the stress becomes unbearable and causes a decline in your health.

For more articles and resources pertaining to stress go to American Institute of Stress

Sources: WebMD, Skills You Need, Family Doctor | Photo cred: Blacdetroit.com


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