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5 Things To Do When Your Natural Hair Products Aren’t Working

Shortly after I did the big chop, I was on the verge of becoming a natural hair product junkie. At the time I didn’t even know what a product junkie was but looking back on those days of frantically trying to find something to make my hair “act right,” I definitely was becoming a product collector.

One lesson I quickly learned was that everything will not work on my hair. Not only that, some products will work for a while and then suddenly they will not yield the same results. You can tell that your products are not working for you if they cause your hair to become hard, dry and/or brittle, leave flakes or any type of residue on your hair or it is left on anything that your hair touches.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do if you find yourself with products that are not working. Use the five tips listed below to find something that works for you and get rid of what doesn’t.

1. Try to find someone that you know or can find on YouTube who has hair that is similar to yours in texture and length. This is sometimes very hard to do, but it can be helpful as and when deciding what you want to try on your hair.

2. When I started coloring my natural hair, shampoos that contained sulfates no longer worked for me. Prior to me adding color to my tresses, sulfates were not a problem. Always check your product labels to compare the ingredients of the products that don’t work with those that do.

3. Swap products with friends or family members. This helps you save money while trying to find something that works for your hair texture. Simply exchange a product that doesn’t work for you with one that doesn’t work for them and you both get to try something new at no additional cost.

4. Observe your hair and get to know it better. Pay attention to what your hair likes and dislikes and how it reacts to the environment and weather. This will give you an idea of the kind of products you need.

5. Don’t get discouraged. If you are having trouble finding a brand that works well with your hair, consider an all-natural regimen.

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Happy Styling!

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