5 Romantic Date Ideas That Are PERFECT For Summer


Although I think there is something totally romantic about the winter, even I can’t deny the easy, breezy, whimsical feeling that summer love brings. Summer love is special because it’s the best season to get closer to your significant other. There are so many activities that couples can do together without worrying about it being too cold or being caught in the rain.

We’ve compiled a list of ten date ideas just for the summer season. Check them out below!

couple on the beach

1. Take a romantic walk on the beach. This date is actually on my 100 In a Year list. The beach is such a simple pleasure in life, why not enjoy it with your significant other? Couples can take in the ocean view, soak up the sun and admire their partner’s body in a bathing suit.


2. Have a stargazing picnic. Picnics are a little cliche’, so adding the twist of stargazing gives it that extra boost of romance…not to mention the beautiful memories you’ll be left with. You can set up lights alongside your blanket and create a playlist to serve as background music as you all count the stars. Don’t forget the insect spray!


3. Visit the zoo. OK, we know the zoo may not have the best smell in certain areas, but you cannot deny that it’s a date that will be full of conversation. There will be a new topic waiting for you around each corner as you all observe the animals, hold hands and sip on frozen drinks. If the temperature gets too hot or you all need to rest, you can visit the nearest Rainforest Cafe’ (because every zoo has one, right?) and cool down.


4. Check out an outdoor concert. The summer is packed with music festivals! You and your significant other can head to a concert and mingle with others in the crowd, dance and wrap up in the same blanket as the temperature cools down.


5. Visit an amusement park. Heading out to an amusement park with your significant other can be a lot of fun. The two of you can ride rollercoasters together, share a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel or compete at the carnival games.

Relationships can get a little routine over time, so whether you are just starting out or a few years in it’s important to have fun together and use every opportunity that you can to bond and create memories.

Like our list? What other date ideas can you add?


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