5 Blog Creation Tips

We live in a wonderful world where absolutely anyone can express themselves, and it leads to some fascinating blog content. Somewhere, there’s an article on just about anything you can imagine, which means it’s a very crowded market!
When you first set about creating your blog, you’ll have a number of things to carefully consider. You can’t just jump in wildly, so sit back, relax and let me take you through five important blog creation tips.

Why Do You Want To Start A Blog In The First Place?

This is the very first question you should ask yourself — why? The question is not meant to incite self-doubt, it’s just to make sure you have a focus.

Is your goal money, or fame? Blogging can be quite lucrative if done right, but it’s important not to make this initial priority. You should love writing first and foremost.

Or, maybe you want to improve your writing. Blogging gives you an easy way to have all your content in one place, and you can track it. Check out that first article you wrote two years ago (horrible, I know!) and see how you’ve improved.

You can start a blog for a wide variety of purposes. Just make sure you know what yours is!

Choose A Focus Area For Your Blog

Do you watch every single new release film at your local cinema? Why not start a film review blog? Are you a sport and fitness fanatic? You’d probably be a great fit for health and lifestyle site. It’s vital that you pick a focus early on, and stick with it. The very best niches are ones you are passionate about, so choose one you can talk about.

There are exceptions to this rule, and they can work too. You could start a general blog that follows your life, and as such the content will vary. As long as your readers know what to expect, you’ll be good. Don’t start a film blog then end up posting about football every single week. It’s confusing for the audience, and you could lose followers.

Decide On A Web Host

So, all is looking good, and you have a comfortable niche for your site. Now, the time has come to build the place that will house your content.

You’ll be able to see all the factors you have to consider on this page, so think carefully. You have to take into account cost, domain name and technical support to choose the provider that is right for you.

On a tight budget? A free CMS could be useful to you. You can also install sites like WordPress on your hosting account, so check all the details properly. However, if you want a .com address, you’ll have to pay extra. But it can be worth it if you want a professional look.

Set Up Social Media Accounts

It’s all very well and good owning a blog, but you need to have a wide online presence. Start with the basics like Twitter and Facebook, and go from there. You can add links to these accounts from your blog, so if people like your stuff, you’ll create loyal followers quickly.

Facebook pro-tip: if your blog is about you, you don’t have to create a Facebook page from scratch. Just use your current profile, and let the public follow it. Just go to settings > followers > and set ‘who can follow me’ to ‘everybody.’

Content Creation And Scheduling

Now it’s time for the most important bit. Deciding on a style of writing — humorous, serious, informative — will make or break your efforts. Keep this style consistent for all your posts, and your whole blog will feel more cohesive. There are a tonne of tools you can use to spruce up your posts too, so use them!

In addition, be sure to establish a firm schedule. Many visitors will check your site on certain days, so have content ready for them. You could even create a header image that states your upload dates, so people know as and when to check back.

Congratulations! You now have a kick ass blog. Be sure to carefully consider each option along the way, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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