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4 Things To Consider When Making Your Next Career Move

Making a big career jump can have a significant impact on your life. So, it’s important to make sure you’re considering absolutely everything prior to making your big decision. Here are five things to have a long, hard think about before handing in your resignation.

Are You Ready To Resign?

A day job should fill you with enthusiasm and pride for what you do. If this is no longer the case, then it might be time to resign and move on. There is no going back, though. So, think wisely. Many companies have a policy of not rehiring former employees. Consider also, all the friends and colleagues that you’ll be leaving behind. Is that worth the happiness of a new role? For some people, who are really stuck in a rut, it may well be. Everybody deserves to have career goals, and you can make them happen if you approach them in the right way.


Knowing What Career Path You Want To Follow

Is a move really the best thing for your career path? Knowing where you want to end up is essential as and when opting to make a career move. Try and find out who has just vacated the position you’re angling for at a specific company. You can then look to see how they have progressed in business. It may be that you’d like to follow in their footsteps one day down the line. You may also want a complete change of direction in your career. Changing industry or sector can be achieved if approached in the right manner. You may have to go back into education or gain some additional qualifications in order to be better suited for the new career path you wish to pursue.


Using A Recruitment Company

You may have a specific career move in mind, but haven’t quite nailed down who for or where you want to work. This is where recruitment companies can be of major help. Their job is to help you find the right vacancy as soon as possible thanks to their vast experience and wealth of expertise. That way you can move from your old job to a new career seamlessly. For example, you may wish to apply for jobs in science at Hyperec. They specialise in science and technology recruitment and could be what you need to fulfil a new career. If you’re considering a different field, then there are a number of other agencies who would be suitable to helping you make your next career move.


Are You Considering Starting A Family?

If your relationship at home is getting serious. You may wish to postpone your next career move and settle down for a while to start a family. It is often very difficult, and costly, to be a parent and work full-time, especially if you’re single. The time off caring for your newborn child will provide you with an extended period to consider your future. You want to make sure you head back into business at the right time, working for the right people. It’s important to consider not rushing into a new job if you’re going to resign six months later to start a family. Hold off, and apply for that company when you’re ready to work again in a few years time.

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Hopefully, these considerations will help you plan your next big career move. It’s important to think long and hard about these sorts of big life decisions. So, good luck!

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