Countdown To Baby

Countdown To Baby: Pregnancy Update (38-39 Weeks)

This post was totally supposed to be a video but I’m barely able to get anything done these days – the exhaustion is back (but we’ll get into that later) and I didn’t have many views on my last video update so I figured you all wouldn’t mind anyway.

I took a week (or maybe two) off from my blog and email with limited social media access because I just knew my baby would arrive early. Well, I didn’t know for sure, I was hoping he would. After listening to the predictions of my family and those closest to me, I’d had it in my head that he would come into the world at 37 1/2 weeks but…nah.

So with all that said, let’s get into the updates. To watch my last update (at 35 weeks) on YouTube, click here.

How’s Baby?

The best news that I’ve gotten the past two weeks is that my baby has dropped and rotated into the birthing position! Hallelujah! I knew this had happened because I’d begin to feel him in my pelvic area and let me tell you…his movements down there are painful! He is a long baby according to our nurses so his body is also up against my ribs which doesn’t make for pleasant sleep at night.

As far as his weight, he should be anywhere between 6 and 7 pounds. The last time he was measured for weight he was an ounce away from 6 pounds so I’m sure he’s fattened up since then. His heart rate was 147 and has been in the upper 140s for the last 6 months of my pregnancy so I’d say it was normal for him.

How’s Mama?

Besides my face being fat and my nose as big as the ones that clowns wear, I’m doing well. I’m extremely anxious and nervous about giving birth but I’m even more anxious to meet my child!

Symptoms: I’m urinating more frequently than ever, especially during the evening. This is because he’s dropped and there is a lot more pressure on my bladder. My nipples are huge and look like the nipples on baby bottles, I have the pregnancy mask (darkening of the skin) on my butt and the back of my thighs. I was complaining about this to Tony at first because it really made me self-conscious about my body but after putting it into perspective, at least no one really sees it. Some women get this in their faces and upper body so I’ll take it on my butt over that any day! I’ve had off and on Braxton Hicks contractions but they’ve slowed down lately, which is has been discouraging. The last major symptom has been exhaustion. I feel exhausted like I did at the beginning of my pregnancy and my production level has plummeted.

Cravings: I haven’t had any cravings other than my usual (orange juice) but I’ve been eating very light still and not as much as I probably should – even though my appetite has increased. All I want is salads and dishes with little meat like soups and pastas. Whenever I do eat, I get full so easily that I’m not eating very much.

Weight: At my 37 week appointment, I’d gained 5 pounds but by the time I had my 38 week appointment I’d lost a pound. So, in total I’ve gained 12 pounds my entire pregnancy. This is amazing to me because I was expecting to blow up…but hey, I’m definitely not complaining!

38 weeks pregnant

I’m still not dilated (at least as of this past Tuesday I wasn’t) but my cervix has thinned out and is beginning to move forward. The cervical checks aren’t as bad or uncomfortable as I thought they would be. Actually being able to get a glimpse into whether or not I’m going to go into labor soon is worth it.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff to speed up the process – bad word, pineapples, walking, squatting – and nothing is really helping. I guess he’s snug as a bug in my uterus and will come out as and when he’s ready, which I guess is fine with me. I decided to limit the work I’m doing so I can enjoy these last few days without having much responsibility and with Tony because once our son is here, things will never be the same. (This makes me very sad sometimes.)

Both our hospital bags are ready, all of his things are in order and his clothes are washed, folded and ready for him to wear. Stuff is starting to get real! I’ve been considering a natural birth – still have to pray about that – but I definitely want to delay cutting his umbilical cord so that he can get all the cells and blood from his placenta as possible. I will be informing my doctor about that at our next (and hopefully final) appointment before baby is born.

I can’t believe I’m less than a week away from being a mom!

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