21 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me


I wanted to do a fun post for this week instead of my usual mushy in love posts or the posts where I’m sharing some life lesson. Let’s lighten things up a bit.

I see all kinds of games on Facebook about sharing facts about yourself all the time and I decided that I would just do something similar on my blog so that everyone could see. I love to build relationships and connect with people on a personal level so I’m going to share 21 things about myself.

Some of these things you may know (especially if we’re good friends) and others you may not. Here they go… 

1. I’ve never flown on an airplane.
This didn’t happen on purpose, I’ve just never had to go anywhere that required me taking a flight. I’m kind of scared to fly but I do plan on flying this year.

2. I love animals.
I love animals and taking care of them. I hate to see people mistreat their pets or stray dogs/cats roaming neighborhoods. They didn’t ask to be here!

3. I can’t swim.
My Lion was supposed to teach me how to swim this past summer but he didn’t *pouts*. I’m not afraid of the water, I just need someone to teach me…I’m too old to not know how to swim.

4. I partied on South Beach with total strangers all night.
I visited Miami for a few days once and my friends and I partied all night with these strangers we met on Ocean Drive. We had such a great time!

5. I’m a light sleeper.
I have to have complete silence as and when I’m trying to get sleep otherwise it won’t happen. Any bump in the night wakes me from the dog walking around the house to someone talking outside. I hear everything.

6. I quit ballet after 10+ years of dancing because I took life too seriously too soon.
Dance was my therapy in life as a teen and young adult. It was the ultimate form of self-expression for me at the time (other than writing) and I was able to go into my own world when I performed or took class. I was pretty good at it too. I stopped dancing because I thought I needed to be serious about life and dance couldn’t possibly be my career so I needed to let it go. I hate I did that.

7. One of my closest friends was killed about 6 years ago and I still cry about it.
I had a really close friend who was like a brother to me be killed and I still have moments where I cry about it. He had so much life to live but at times he seemed to have given up. I remember telling him how much I cared about him and loved him and wanted him to be better and the next day he was found dead.

8. I’m a total contradiction.
I’m a shy person but outgoing at the same time. I don’t like lots of public attention but I operate an entertainment blog with my name as the brand. I like being an entrepreneur, but I like the security of working for a company.

9. It takes a lot for me to get angry.
I’m very, very slow to anger. It takes a lot for me to get angry to the point where I’m snapping and cursing someone out. I used to be a bit of a hot head but I’ve grown a whole lot and things just don’t bother me as much anymore.

10. My favorite food is my mama’s gumbo…then it would be macaroni and cheese and strawberries :)
I love seafood gumbo. I want some right now.

11. I love taking care of my significant other.
I am a spoiler! I love taking care of my man from cooking for him, cleaning for him, writing him love letters, buying him just because gifts, making him feel like a man…all that. Doing that for someone I love makes me feel good.

12. I’d like to live in a European city for a year.
I have this thing for Europe, especially the cities of London, Paris and Rome. I’d love to be able to live in either city for a year. It would make me so happy!

13. I’m not sure if I want kids yet.
I’m so undecided about having children. One day I’m talking about potential baby names and then the next I’m cringing at the thought of giving birth and being in pain.

14. I pray ALL DAY (literally).
I talk to God all day long…when I wake up, when I get in my car before I pull off, when I need to make a tough decision, when I’m feeling sad/anxious/upset, before I hold meetings, before I read any scriptures and before I go to bed.

15. I’m always trying to figure out how I can be better.
I have a fear of being too comfortable in any situation. I like to stay on my toes and better myself every chance I get. Whether I’m picking up a new hobby, reading a book or doing some form of research, I always want to be the best me I can be.

16. I have an extremely low tolerance for negativity.
I don’t do negativity at all. It’s the quickest way to be removed from my life, my circle, my business team and anything else I’m involved in.

17. I love to read and write.
I don’t have to watch TV at all if I have a great book or some paper or my laptop around. I can read and write all day long, that’s how much I love words and putting them together to create meaning and stories.

18. I’m not allergic to anything.
At least not that I know of.

19. I’m the song lyric police.
Don’t ever mess up a song lyric around me…I’ll put you on blast. (How do I know all the lyrics to songs anyway?)

20. I believe that your dreams have meaning in your life and you should pay attention to them.
Whenever I have a vivid dream that I can remember, I always go to look it up and see what it could possibly mean. Most of the time my dreams give me a heads up on something that is happening or will happen.

21. I chose to share 21 things because 21 is my favorite number.
Something about the number 21 is lucky to me. Why, I don’t know…it just is.


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