2014 Reflections & 2015 Prayers

jessica simien NYE 2014Happy New Year to you!

For the first time in my life, I brought in the New Year in church. After all that I’d been through in 2014, I felt that there was no better place I could be.

2014 was a year of discovery for me. I discovered who I really am, who I want to be and who the center of my life has to be whether things are going well or whether they are bad.

Allow me to reflect for just a moment since I didn’t get an opportunity to yesterday…

In January 2014 I had a fresh outlook on the year ahead, much like I do today. I’d brought it in with someone I loved deeply and things were looking good for me – but by February, my life had already begun to have some challenges. Here are some of the things that I discovered last year. 

I discovered that my relationship with God is the most important and deserves the first of my focus and attention. I had to prioritize.
I learned how to prioritize people and things in my life and put them in the order that I feel comfortable with, not the order that people think they should be in. God first, myself second, family third, career fourth and true friends fifth. As I think back on 2014, whenever God wasn’t first and I wasn’t second, my life was chaotic. That’s not to say that as and when He was first things didn’t happen, because they did, but I was able to face them without feeling like the world was on my shoulders.

I discovered that I must always be aware and pay attention.
Awareness is everything. I learned that not paying attention to what’s going on is like throwing away a map when you’re in an unknown territory while traveling. I talked about God’s fingerprints and that’s real. Paying attention to people, what they do versus what they say and how they treat others could’ve saved me a lot of heartache and disappointment. Being aware of my surroundings and certain issues is a must because the opposite of awareness is pretty much being blind.

I discovered who I am.
I really learned myself in 2014 – on multiple levels. I learned the type of woman I aspire to be and she’s in line with who I’m becoming, I learned how I love and what makes me feel loved, I discovered my wants and needs from my companion, I discovered that I am worthy of the love I give and I deserve it, I learned that people will disappoint you but God never fails, I discovered that giving to others is a bigger blessing than receiving ever will be and I discovered that I am strong, beautiful on the inside and out and that I’m walking in the plan that God had over my life every single day.


On this first day of 2015, I am completely unsure about what this year will bring – but for the first time in my life I can actually say that I’m OK with that. I attended Shady Grove Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Miss. for their Watch Night service and I decided to make it my church home. When I walked down the aisle to join, I decided that I was leaving all the worry, fear and anxiety that I’d suffered from October until New Year’s Eve right there at the altar as I hugged the Pastor. I woke up this morning refreshed and happy about everything.

My prayers for this year are:

– To grow closer to God and trust Him at all times.

– To show my parents that I appreciate them through my actions.

– To remain true to myself and never compromise on what I believe in and what I know is right.

– To rid myself and my life of toxic relationships and one-sided relationships.

– To become more disciplined as an entrepreneur.

– To make better decisions and

– To cast all my cares, worries, fears and anxiety on God and never let them consume me again.

I also pray for all of you who follow my blogs and I appreciate your support and love. Here’s to a GREAT year in 2015!


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