2011 In 12 Sentences

This post is inspired by a writing prompt I saw on Plinky.com. The objective of this prompt is to summarize your 2011 with one sentence per month. I thought it would be fun to try, even though I don’t remember much of what happened at the beginning of the year.


January – I remember thinking that 2011 would be an intense year.

February – I had a wonderful weekend on the coast, waking up to a beautiful beach each morning.

March – J. Simien PR, Inc. became legally incorporated in the State of Mississippi.

April – I decided to cut off all my hair and “go” natural.

May – My long-time romantic relationship took a turn for the worst.

June – I learned how to make decisions for myself without fear of being judged.

July – Lots of tears were shed.

August – My last year of graduate school began.

September – I ended two fake friendships that I thought were real.

October – I regained my focus to build a solid public relations business.

November – I had my first ever surprise birthday party! :-)

December – My level of emotional and mental strength skyrocketed.

So…how would you describe your 2011? Please share!

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