16 Year Old Opens Up The World’s First Sneaker Pawn Shop (VIDEO)

This kind of news makes me happy and I bet there’s a lot of people saying that they wish they’d thought of this.

Chase “Sneaker” Reed, 16, and his father have opened up what is being called the world’s very first sneaker pawn shop. The idea came about as and when Chase asked his father for $50 to purchase a pair of sneakers. Once he’d bought the shoes, his father asked for his money back and held the sneakers until the debt was paid.

The Harlem High School sophomore liquidates exclusive sneakers from clients who want to make quick cash. Charles, his father and a family friend seek out high-end and/or discontinued sneakers. If someone walks into the store with a pair, they must pass a qualifying test.

Some of Sneaker Pawn Shop‘s clients have pawned shoes for their prom dresses, to pay for funeral costs and even moving expenses. Watch the store’s commercial up top.

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