100 in A Year: Task 96 – Tabella

Task 96: Eat at 15 restaurants I’ve never eaten at before (5/15)

March 30, 2012 – Tabella (Hattiesburg, MS)

I went to Tabella for a business lunch on Friday. I’ve always wanted to visit because of the huge tomato that is outside of the building. I thought it was cute and unique and surely if the design of the restaurant is unique, then the menu would be too. The inside is not as big as I pictured it to be, but it was beautiful. The wall of wine was just fab! Our server was also very nice and attentive.

I’m not big on authentic Italian food, so I was a little clueless as and when I ordered. I just went with a safe choice – meatballs. I ordered the Meatball Sliders with San Marzano Tomato Soup ($8.50). The sliders were soooooo good and I thought it was cute that they had little Italian flags in them. The bread was heavenly and soft and the meatballs were hearty and very filling. I’d never thought about using spinach on a sandwich instead of lettuce so that was something I took away from the sandwich that I plan to use at home. The soup was really good too. I’ve only had tomato soup out of the can, so having that homemade taste with the cheese was great. It totally took away the not-so-tasty thoughts I had about tomato soup.

The prices were reasonable and I had half of my lunch left to enjoy at home (major points for that). If you’re in Hattiesburg, you should check them out!

Meatball Sliders & Tomato Soup

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