100 In A Year, Task 89: Document At Least 1 Answered Prayer Per Month (6/12)

Task 89: Document at least one answered prayer per month (6/12)
Month: April 2015 (four total answered prayers)

April was the most stressful month I’ve had in a very long time. The school semester came to an end, I had two major events to host, my money was realllllyyyy funny and I made a tough decision to rid myself of a one-way relationship.

I think I prayed more than I ever have this month because it truly was all I could do. As a result, God didn’t answer just one prayer, he answered four that I can remember distinctly.

Success of Kinks & Curls on Campus

I set out on a very ambitious mission to host a tour of natural hair meet-ups on college campuses in April, not even considering the fact that April was going to be an extremely busy month. I faced all kinds of obstacles in putting this event together. Schools cancelled, I had to reschedule some schools, vendors wanted their money back and I was trying to write three papers at the same time. I honestly did not believe the event would be successful but it was! Even though our number of stops were cut in half, we were still able to visit two college campuses and meet new people.

Bills Paid

If you asked my mom about my spending habits, she’ll tell you that I’m just like my dad – cheap! LOL! I prefer to call it frugal, but I’m not frugal just because I inherited that trait. I have to be frugal because I’m a full-time entrepreneur (in the very early stages of my entrepreneurship, might I add) and my income doesn’t come on a set schedule every week. Sometimes I make all my money in one day, sometimes it takes a week and sometimes it comes across the entire month.

I made a decent amount of income in April but boy did it come at the last minute! I prayed and prayed all month that I could get all my bills paid and The Lord came through!

Finish the Semester Without Quitting

School was hard. Very hard. It wasn’t that the subject matter was difficult to understand, adjusting to being a student after a two year break was hard for me. I struggled with time management a lot, my hustle was suffering so I was making less money and I was overwhelmed. I had to really pray for God to give me the strength to finish the semester because there were nights as and when I wanted to quit. No lie. Needless to say, I was able to get through the semester. My grades may not be what I’d hoped for them to be but I finished and for me, that was the most important part.

Peace of Mind

More than anything during April, I prayed for peace. I was coming to a point with an old friend where I wanted to end the friendship. I just knew in my mind that our time was over and as much as my mind was made up, my heart wasn’t completely ready. I had to pray for God’s peace with my decision and I was able to end it after getting the best confirmation I could get. You have to really listen to your inner voice because I truly believe that’s the Holy Spirit speaking to you. I haven’t looked back and I feel so free and like a huge weight was lifted from me.

I hope my prayers inspire you as you wait for your answers. Can’t wait to see what God does in May! :)

What prayers did God answer for you in April?

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