100 In A Year, Task 89: Document At Least 1 Answered Prayer Per Month (1/12)

Task 89: Document at least one answered prayer per month (1/12)

With my 100 In A Year list this year, I wanted to continue the tradition of performing tasks that would add meaning to my life but I also wanted to perform tasks that would touch the lives of others as well.

It’s no secret that I am a Christian woman and nurturing my spirit is my number one priority above all things in my life but the reality is, I’m not perfect. No matter what I look like or how you may perceive me – I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, I struggle with things, I have bad habits and I deal with a lot of anxiety. But through all of that, I still have faith every single day that I’ll get better and the things around me and in my life will get better too.

One way to help me see how God is moving in my life is to document the prayers that He has answered for me. My goal with Task 89 on my list is to keep a running list of prayers that have been answered. I’m only required to document 1 for each month of the year, but I’m going to try to document as many as I can remember and identify the answer for. I prayed about this first answered prayer before I made my prayer box, so it wasn’t included but God surely did answer it!

Prayer 1 Description
I came up with the idea to host a do-it-yourself public relations workshop as and when I was staying in Hattiesburg last month. The idea came to me as a way to make some money since I had recently resigned from the position I had and I wanted to let people know that I was available to practice PR again. I’d previously stopped practicing because between a full-time job and managing all the operations of my blog, I just didn’t have the time. Not only for those reasons but the biggest reason was because I had to turn away potential clients because they didn’t have money to pay. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to do it for free but as I mentioned, I was stretched too thin to do anything that wouldn’t benefit me financially AND as a full-time entrepreneur I have to either charge for my services or run the risk of not being able to put gas in my car, buy food to eat and the list goes on.

As afraid as I was to put myself out there at the time (I’ve since gained a tremendous amount of confidence) I did it anyway. I prayed over the workshop and I waited for something to happen. The very first day I announced the workshop, I had one registrant. Not bad, right? I’d at least accomplished one of the main goals of PR and that’s to get your audience to take action. As time progressed though, the interest in what I was offering seemed to die down. I’d go back to prayer and ask God to make it happen because I had to pay for the workshop space, pay for the food that I planned to serve and it all started to seem like it wasn’t going to happen. I even started looking at back-up locations in case I didn’t have more than 5 people to show up. And for the few that did agree to come and boosted me up and got me all excited, some of them didn’t keep their word and ended up backing out. I wasn’t stressed but I definitely felt the worry creeping in… All I could do every night, throughout the day and when I was in the shower was pray about it. I tried to stay in high spirits and I made sure to spend some of my day in praise through music. I wanted to stay positive and show God that I could trust Him.


How God Answered My Prayers
I learned a few months ago that God leaves his fingerprints in our lives and we’ll know exactly what we’re supposed to do if we just pay attention to them and make a connection. Here’s how I noticed His fingerprints…

I’d pray and then someone would register for the workshop. *Fingerprint* I told my sister that I wasn’t going to worry because I knew it was going to turn out alright despite what it was looking like and then someone purchased my most expensive ticket. *Fingerprint* My money was looking funny for paying for the space I’d rented and the woman who I called to make a payment to gave me a 70% discount….and I hadn’t even asked for a discount, she just did it out of nowhere! *Fingerprint* My mom and sister offered to sponsor the breakfast for the workshop without me asking them to. They just offered the help. *Fingerprint* I appeared on the local news twice in one day and prior to my interview, I prayed for God to give me the right words to say so that someone could sign up. Before I left the studio as I was waiting on a copy of my interview, I’d received an email inquiring about registration information. *Fingerprint*

I’m literally in tears as I type this because God is so good ya’ll. I don’t even deserve it but he still blesses me anyway…even though I make mistakes and even though I’m not perfect. He’s just that good. Before I even conducted the workshop, His hands had already been all over it. Isn’t that amazing?





Not only did the workshop take place, those who attended all shared with me how much they’d learned and how they were ready for the next session!

Thank you to God first and foremost, my mom and sister for their support and of course everyone who attended.

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