100 In A Year, Task 63: Learn A New Recipe

Task 63: Learn a new recipe
Completed: 01/2014, 10/2014, 11/2014

I went the extra mile on this task. Not only did I complete it, I actually learned FOUR new recipes. Many people don’t know this, but I love to cook. I rarely cook “special” meals as and when it’s just me eating but I try to showcase my skills when I’m cooking for other people.

Here are the recipes I tried – all for the first time. I think I did pretty good.

Better Than bad word Cake (photo up top) – I made this for one of my friends and it was sooooo good and sweet. I actually made two of them so I could take one home and leave one at his place. Greedy, I know lol.


Meatball Sandwiches – I used a recipe from the Food Network to make these homemade meatball sandwiches. They were so filling and good and it was actually my first time making meatballs. Everyone loved them, even the kids!



Chicken Quesadillas – I’m not gonna lie – these were so good, I impressed myself! One of my favorite cooks is The Pioneer Woman from Food Network and this was actually her recipe, give or take a few ingredients. It was sort of time consuming because I made them for my family, but they were more than worth the wait.


Easy Potato Skins – I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought it was one of the easier ones to try. I actually made these as a snack for my nieces and they were delicious! I think the next time I make them I’ll use larger potatoes because I had to make them so thin and I think I used about five potatoes and was only able to get about 20 skins from them.

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