100 In a Year, Task 51 :: Identify 100 Things That Make Me Happy


Here are 100 things that make me happy:

  1. When things on my vision board come to life
  2. When God comes through for me
  3. Thinking about my future
  4. Having a full day off
  5. Laying in bed watching Lost episodes on Hulu/Netflix
  6. When I finish a workout that I didn’t think I could complete
  7. Hearing my nieces laugh
  8. LFLS III (insider)
  9. Sweet text messages
  10. Nice compliments
  11. When a man notices how much time I spent on my hair LOL
  12. Doing PR work
  13. Watching videos for the first time after Rod edits them
  14. When my friends or family give me encouraging words without knowing I needed them
  15. The support I receive for my website and other things I have going on

Read what else makes me happy on my personal blog, The Jessica Diaries, by clicking here.


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