100 In a Year, Task 51 :: Identify 100 Things That Make Me Happy

Don't I look happy?

Don’t I look happy?

I’m still going strong with my 100 In A Year list!

Here are 100 things that make me happy:

  1. When things on my vision board come to life
  2. When God comes through for me
  3. Thinking about my future
  4. Having a full day off
  5. Laying in bed watching Lost episodes on Hulu/Netflix
  6. When I finish a workout that I didn’t think I could complete
  7. Hearing my nieces laugh
  8. LFLS III (insider)
  9. Sweet text messages
  10. Nice compliments
  11. When a man notices how much time I spent on my hair LOL
  12. Doing PR work
  13. Watching videos for the first time after Rod edits them
  14. When my friends or family give me encouraging words without knowing I needed them
  15. The support I receive for my website and other things I have going
  16. Being on a beach
  17. Being in love
  18. Writing
  19. Gospel music during my morning commute
  20. The prices at Forever 21
  21. Making money
  22. A strong wi-fi connection
  23. The ease of purchasing books through my Kindle
  24. Being able to be myself around someone
  25. Pillow talk
  26. Grilled cheese sandwiches
  27. Vacationing
  28. No long waiting lines at Wal-Mart
  29. Iced white chocolate coffee from Seattle Drip
  30. Live music
  31. When Chef Nick Wallace personally cooks for me
  32. Catching up with old friends
  33. Girls night
  34. When clients give me extra money for my awesomeness :)
  35. Lounging in a hot tub
  36. Chocolate ice cream
  37. Cooking a new recipe successfully
  38. Hibachi restaurants
  39. Being around positive people
  40. Traveling to new places
  41. Cheap gas prices
  42. 90s music
  43. Being appreciated
  44. Being able to go a day without my phone buzzing nonstop
  45. Reading my old journals and being able to pinpoint my progress
  46. When Daana gives me one-on-one therapy sessions LOL
  47. The cool summer breeze as the sun goes down
  48. Perfectly sweetened sweet tea
  49. Accomplishing a goal
  50. Channeling my inner child
  51. Being able to inspire others
  52. Cuddling
  53. Holding hands with my honey :)
  54. Long lasting manicures
  55. Iced green tea from Starbucks
  56. Full body massages
  57. Simple dates (visiting a park, talking a walk, getting ice cream, etc.)
  58. Good vibes among my JessicaSimien.com team members
  59. Strawberry Lemonade shaved ice with cream on top from Sno-Biz
  60.  The fact that both of my parents are still alive and well
  61. Good hair days
  62. Narrowing down my to-do list
  63. Quality time with MYSELF
  64. Beautiful sunsets
  65. Long weekends
  66. Eddie Murphy movies (especially Coming To America)
  67. Outdoor dining (when it isn’t too warm outside)
  68. Funnel cakes from the state fair
  69. DIY projects
  70. Completing tasks from my 100 In a Year list
  71. Being around positive people
  72. Reading books
  73. Quietness
  74. White roses
  75. Comedy movies
  76. Action movies
  77. Reducing my stress level
  78. Cozy recliners
  79. When people pronounce my last name correctly
  80. Waking up next to my honey
  81. Sean John’s Unforgivable Woman fragrance
  82. Water parks (even though I can’t swim)
  83. Being called beautiful
  84. Cookouts
  85. Seafood dishes
  86. Learning something new
  87. Any show with Gordon Ramsey on it
  88. When my bills are paid
  89. Freebies
  90. Pink Chiffon scent from Bath & Body Works
  91. A man that smells good
  92. Watching my honey do athletic/manly things LOL
  93. Watching videos of people doing cover songs on YouTube
  94. Making new business connections
  95. When good ideas randomly pop in my head
  96. Meditating
  97. Hot, steamy baths
  98. Hearing rainfall
  99. TV show marathons (The Walking Dead, Girlfriends, America’s Next Top Model, etc.)
  100. Making myself proud


What makes you happy?


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