100 In A Year :: Task 48, Plant A Garden


Task 48: Plant a garden. (Completed 05/11/2014)

Ya’ll…I’m so excited about my lil’ garden!

I’ve been trying to get in touch with nature and changing my lifestyle to become more eco-friendly and conscious. Besides adopting a “bohemian” lifestyle (lol don’t judge) I wanted to plant a garden and actually grow my own food. 

This has not been easy.


First, I struggled with finding a perfect location. Since I’ll be moving to a new apartment next month, I thought doing a portable garden would work. Then after planting flowers in my containers instead of actual food, that plan was over with. I ended up dumping everything and starting over again and STILL planting more flowers than produce.

I used one of my containers for flowers and the other for spinach and then I started digging up a plot in my mom’s backyard.


I’d never picked up a shovel to dig a hole in my life before and LORD it was hard. To stay as uniform and neat as possible, I marked off where I would dig with flour. I had a great spot at first but my mom wanted me to move it to another one. In the process of my digging, I saw all kinds of little critters and the biggest earthworm ever!


I got tired and hot (the sun was beaming!) so I decided to take a break and finish all my digging for another day.


Luckily, it rained for two days so the soil in the backyard was much softer and I was able to  finish fairly quickly. I planted peas, watermelon and spinach and they should be able to harvest in the next three to six months. I also planted more flowers in the front yard just to see what would happen.

I’m also planning to do a “portable garden” version of some strawberries since they are pretty easy to grow.

I see why people say gardening is good exercise because the next morning I felt like I’d had the best leg workout in the world. Hopefully my plants will grow nicely :)

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