100 In A Year :: Task 46, Eat At 10 Restaurants I’ve Never Eaten At Before (7/10)


Restaurant 7 of 10: Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House
Location: Atlanta (437 Memorial Drive S.E.)
Completed: 07/19/2014

During my last visit to Atlanta, I decided to continue working on Task 46 of my 100 In A Year list and eat at a restaurant I’ve never dined at before. I chose to visit Atlanta’s Six Feet Under. 

First, it was tough trying to narrow down where I wanted to go out of all the places to eat in Atlanta and I really wanted seafood and Six Feet Under was the only place that was going to be open long enough for me and my friends to get in and be served.

I chose the Shrimp & Grits (mostly because I ran out of time and couldn’t decide on anything) and I totally picked over it. It wasn’t bad but I’ve had better renditions of this dish. I ate all the shrimp out of it and left the rest on the table. I think there were too many things going on with the dish for me and there was a sweet sauce in it that threw it all off.

But hey, at least I got to spend some time with my best friend! :)

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