100 In A Year :: Task 46, Eat At 10 Restaurants I’ve Never Eaten At Before (1/10)


Restaurant 1 of 10: Taco Mac Sports Grill
Location: Atlanta (Metropolis, 933 Peachtree St NE)
Completed: 03/29/2014

I ate at Taco Mac Sports Grill in Atlanta for the first time on Saturday. While it wasn’t the best food I’ve had, it wasn’t the worst either.

My Lion and I went along with his youngins and we discussed the NCAA tournament happening just a few blocks away as we waited for our food to arrive.

I ordered their Chipotle Ranch Burger (with no tomatoes) and had onion rings as my side order. I ate about a third of the burger at the restaurant and finished the rest later that night in the hotel room. I don’t think I ate any of the onion rings.

Our waiter was very polite and nice and the atmosphere of the restaurant was very sports like. It was perfect for us because we were dressed very casually, but I do wish I would’ve took a little more time with the menu and maybe ordered something a little more daring. I made a safe choice so I wouldn’t have to send anything back…I hate doing that.

Overall, it was an OK experience. I may give it a try in the future, but if I don’t eat there again I won’t be heartbroken.

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