100 In A Year :: Task 42, Read At Least 12 Books

I enjoyed completing this task much more than I thought I would. I didn’t realize the impact that reading books had on my life until I made it a priority to read a new book at least once a month. I was able to reach 12 books before the end of the year so I’m going to challenge myself for the next go-round to read 15 books instead of 12. I think I can do that!

Check out the list of books I read below. 

Book #1 (finished on 12/02/2013)
The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross

Book #2 (finished on 12/14/2013)
Church Boyz: Rod of the Wicked by H. H. Fowler

Book #3: (can’t remember the exact finish date)
Church Boyz: When Things Go Wrong by H.H. Fowler

Book #4: (finished on 01/12/2014)
Church Boyz: My Last Cry by H. H. Fowler

Book #5: (finished on 01/28/2014)
Turn It Loose by Britni Danielle

Book #6: (finished on 04/30/2014)
101 Secrets For Your Twenties by Paul Angone

Book #7: (finished on 05/14/2014)
The Things He Didn’t Say by La’Janee Cosby

Book #8: (finished on 05/27/2014)
The Sisters of APF by Zane

Book #9: (finished on 06/14/2014)
Two Steps Back by Britni Danielle

Book #10: (finished on 06/27/2014)
Love & Other Things by Christina Jones

Book #11: (finished on 08/24/2014)
The Dream Giver: Following Your God-Given Destiny by Bruce Wilkinson
*This was my favorite of all the books I read for this task.

Book #12: (finished on 09/13/2014)
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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