100 In A Year, Task 37: Try An Oyster

I’ve had this task on my list since I first started this yearly project almost three years ago, and this is the first year that I’ve actually done it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to try new foods but I’m extremely sensitive to the texture of the food. It can either be absolutely delicious or it can make me want to gag before I even give the dish a chance.

Prior to actually trying one, I always knew that oysters are slimy and let’s be real…they aren’t very visually appealing. This always kept me from eating one.

All that changed as and when I dined at Half Shell Oyster House in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the first time.

I had to find a restaurant for my date and I specifically chose Half Shell because I wanted to knock off two things on my 100 in a Year list – eat at a restaurant I’ve never eaten at before and this task, try an oyster.


I actually tried two oysters (yay me!) from the menu. The first, a cajun flavored oyster wasn’t very good to me although the waitress said they were one of the most popular choices. The second one I tried was Oysters Rockefeller and it was really, REALLY good.

The texture was still something I had to get over but the oyster was definitely tasty. I love spinach so that’s what prompted me to try this particular menu item because it incorporates spinach and cream cheese (yum).

So glad I could scratch this one off of my list!

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