100 In A Year :: Task 16, Visit A State I Have Never Been To (PHOTOS)

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Task 16: Visit a state I have never been to.
Completed: 07/27/2014

I remember going to the movies to see the 2010 version of The Karate Kid featuring Jaden Smith. There was a scene where a woman was charming a cobra while on a ledge and even though what she was doing was cool, my head was in another space.

I was thinking about how at such a young age, Jaden was able to see parts of the world people only dreamed about or saw on television or in movies. I thought about how life is too short to just stay in the same surroundings you’ve always been in as and when there is so much of the world to see.

That’s how Task 16 of this year’s 100 In A Year List came about! 

Whenever I go out of town I usually visit the same old places…Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee. There are so many other states to visit and the places are endless when you factor in overseas destinations. Hell, there are places in Mississippi that I’ve never been to if you want to get technical. I just believe that we should take time out of our lives to explore and see what lies beyond our neighborhoods.

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I was able to visit Arkansas for the first time over the weekend.

It’s a little less than 5 hours away from my hometown and I’ve never, ever thought to go there. As I was making my way through parts of southeastern Arkansas I started to get worried…all I saw for miles and miles were Baptist churches and corn fields. I was crossing my fingers in the hopes that Little Rock had tall buildings and places to see.

I was pleasantly surprised!

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I stayed at the DoubleTree and that put me in the heart of downtown Little Rock, in walking distance of the Arkansas River.

As I made my way toward all the downtown hot spot eateries, I took a few pictures and even walked on the bridge over the river.

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