100 In A Year: Task 1, Take A Pole Dancing Fitness Class


I’ve had this task on my 100 In A Year list for the last three years and I finally got a chance to complete it.

I signed up for a four week pole dancing fitness class at Sway Fitness in Ridgeland and my first of eight classes was last night. I had a blast! 

I always wanted to do this because let’s face it, something about a woman dancing around a pole is bad wordy AND I was a ballet student (among other forms of dance) for about 13 years and I’ve had this itch to work my way back into it. Why not try a new form?


Lady Sway

My instructor is Desmone aka “Lady Sway” and she’s the owner of the facility and made us all feel extremely comfortable. We began the class with stretches and we learned 12 moves that we’ll perfect as the weeks pass. At the conclusion of the class, we’ll perform a routine for her and move on to the next level should we want to continue learning.

I have three more weeks of learning to go and I’ll be sharp enough for the event I’m hosting at Sway on Friday, January 24 @ 8:00 p.m. – The Ladies Lounge presented by JessicaSimien.com! Purchase tickets here.

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