10 Ways ‘The Sims’ Is Like Real Life

A little known fact about me is that I’m a recovering addict of “The Sims” life simulation computer/video game series. Seriously, I am! I was introduced to the game my senior year in high school or sometime either before that or after that, I can’t exactly remember, and I’ve been playing the game since then.

I’ve had just about every version they’ve ever released and I’ve played with several of the expansion packs that allow you to maximize your game play. My Sims have had babies and raised them to adults, they’ve reached their dreams, been involved in love triangles and even died from tragic events like fires or electrocutions. If it was able to be done in the game, I’ve done it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play the game in months due to my demanding work as a full-time entrepreneur, but my sister and I had a conversation that made me think of how much fun playing the game is. We were on the phone and she was talking about how tired and exhausted she was and she made the comment, “I feel like a Sim” before going into detail about how she was going through some of the things her Sims had experienced (I got her to play the game too).

At first I laughed but then I thought about how much like real life the game is – and then I came up with a list!


1. The people who inherited large amounts of money and riches are dealt much better cards, but often have personality problems and issues within the family.

Each pack of the game comes with pre-installed Sims and all you have to do is select them and play. There’s always at least three families of rich Sims that you can choose from if you don’t want to start from scratch. You’ll quickly notice that all the Sims in the household have some type of negative trait. Often they are evil or inappropriate and most times they also hate someone else in the household.


2. Reaching your dream is hard work and many Sims fail to do it.

I own several versions of the video game but the most updated version that I have is The Sims 3. In this version, Sims are able to have a lifetime wish that once accomplished, will give them a large amount of points to purchase rewards and it also boosts their mood. Lifetime wishes vary from Sim to Sim but completing them is nearly impossible as and when you add a family and regular job to the mix. It’s really easy to give up on helping your Sim achieve their dream and in my case, I’ve had to cheat the game to make it happen. Most Sims don’t accomplish their lifetime wish though. *tear*


3. Before getting married, it’s wise for your Sim to get to know all of the personality traits of their love interest.

In the game a person can go from being friends, to love interests, to being in a relationship and then finally getting engaged and married. Sometimes if my Sims want to have children, I will rush the process of them getting married. Once a Sim moves in, all of their previously unknown personality traits are revealed. Almost every time that I’ve sped up the marriage process, there is a trait about the other Sim that goes completely against my original Sim’s traits. For instance, I’d have a “neat” Sim and after marrying, they’ve found that their mate has the “slob” trait.


4. Babies are expensive and they need both parents to have the best shot at life.

Sims should definitely be prepared for a baby. Sometimes a pregnancy will surprise you, but most of the time it doesn’t. When your Sim finds out she’s pregnant and as she gets closer to the birth (yes you can see your Sims’ belly grow as they pregnancy progresses), both your pregnant Sim and the father (if he wants children because not all Sims do) will desire to furnish the baby’s nursery. Each item is expensive and there’s no way your baby can sleep in the game without a crib. Not only that, you have to teach the baby how to talk, walk and use the potty – which all takes a significant amount of time. The mother Sim can go on maternity leave, but she needs help to make sure the baby learns all the skills. When the baby Sim doesn’t learn those skills, it develops negative traits.


5. If your Sim doesn’t eat in moderation or exercise, they will gain weight as the game progresses.

Sims who stuff themselves or eat when they aren’t hungry will gain weight and have to work out a lot to get back down to a normal size. If they’re lazy and have enough money, they can purchase a reward that will allow them to walk into a machine and transform their bodies. It’s important to note that Sims can also get plastic surgery done.


6. Teenagers are mischievous and still need guidance from their parents.

Although teen Sims want freedom, they still need help from their parents with homework and learning skills like cooking and how to drive. They sneak out of the house (only to be caught later by the cops), they have mood swings and they usually get into fights at prom.


7. You have to work your way to the top.

Sims don’t automatically begin at the height of their careers. They start at the very bottom level of each career option and must develop skills and relationships before they can get promoted. Sims who attend college have an advantage but they too have to work their way to the top – there’s no way to get around it.


8. Stay away from your enemies.

Sims who have enemies in their neighborhood should steer clear of them. Enemies are developed in many ways, most commonly through cheating in a relationship, but whenever enemies are near each other a fight is likely to break out.


9. Rest is vital to your productivity in life and at work.

Sims who are excessively tired can’t do anything without passing out and going to sleep on the spot. They miss work, they can’t eat or clean and they have terrible moods. Rest is important for your Sim to be successful at anything they do.


10. Sims who find their soul mate are the happiest near the end of their lives.

All of my older Sims who found their soul mate, started a career and a family have the most memories and rewards by the time they reach elder status. They often give in to the Grim Reaper without a fight (some Sims will beg for their lives) and hop on into the ground.

I know I’m probably the biggest nerd ever now, but you’d have to play the game to understand! Life is unpredictable, exciting and can bring about all kinds of feelings whether in real life or in a simulated game.

Have you ever played The Sims before? How do you relate to the game?

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