10 Things Pretty Much Everyone Is Tired Of Seeing On Instagram


We have a little series we call Instafame! where we post our favorite photos from our Instagram followers but in real life, our team has a love/hate relationship with the wildly popular photo sharing social network.

We love it because it helps us to connect with our readers and interact with them, get feedback…you know all that good stuff. But we hate it because of all the junk that’s posted on a daily basis. We decided to compile a list of the top 10 things we are sick and tired of seeing in the hopes that some people will take the hint. *crosses fingers*


10. Your daily meal
Who doesn’t love good food? And every now and then it looks so good that you just have to post it…we get it. But please don’t fill up our feeds with a meal every single day. A subpar meal at that. If you’re going to post it, make sure it looks so good we want to go out and get it.

9. A million pics of your child one after the other
We totally understand that you love your baby, I promise we do. But we don’t want to see a million pictures of them back to back basically doing the same thing they did in the last pic every single day.


8. Those damn body wraps
Let’s be clear on this one. Body wraps are cool. I once worked at a spa and saw the instant results they can have on your body as and when done professionally. But body wraps alone will not make you lose weight. You have to exercise and eat well so stop spamming us with shots of your stomach…or anybody else’s stomach.


7. Keep calm pics of any kind
This “keep calm” stuff has been going on for a long time and although it doesn’t bother me that much, several of my IG followers commented that anything dealing with keeping calm actually doesn’t calm them at all, it gets on their nerves. So for those of you who keep subjecting people to the cliche’ phrase, you see the photo LOL.


6. Your “wake and bake” sessions…as a matter of fact, any session that involves weed.
What you do in your personal life is your business – we’re not here to judge. However, you put your self out there to be judged, talked about and possibly arrested when you post photos of yourself engaging in illegal activity. The feds are watching, you better believe that. So stop it! It’s not cool!


5. Shout-outs
I never understood this one and it also made me never want to browse a person’s page that I may never look at and like a bunch of their photos. Explain to me what the point of shouting someone out is. I’m lost.

4. Throwback Thursday/Transformation Tuesday
I’ve posted a few throwback Thursday posts in my day. It’s fun taking a walk down memory lane so I don’t blame those of you who can’t resist posting the old pics. But for the sake of our news feeds not turning into your mom’s old photo album, can we please just limit the old pics to one day? Pretty pleeeeaaaasseeee? With a cherry on top?


3. Group rate messages
Ahhhh this has to be one of the lamest things I’ve seen on Instagram! First of all, the people who tell folks to “double tap for a group rate” are never good looking and secondly, they along with the people they have in the group use this as a way to show their own insecurities about their looks through bashing other people. And those of you who actually want to be rated as if someone else’s opinion of the way you look makes a difference…smh. Instead of double tapping to be rated, just post your own tweegram that says “ya’ll please tell me I’m pretty.”


2. Messy tweegrams
We are so sorry that Joe cheated on you with Jane and Jane posted a picture that pissed you off. We really are. And we’re also sorry that instead of confronting Joe and Jane you took to Instagram to let the world know. Also, those indirect quotes you post with subliminal messages for someone that probably isn’t even following you is wack as hell. Seriously people, keep your personal life off social media.


1. Ask.fm
We’re aware that you’re bored and instead of finding someone to talk to from the hundreds of contacts in your phone, you’d prefer to engage in anonymous conversation. Then if that fact alone isn’t pathetic enough, you remind us every night when you’re lonely in bed and it’s getting late that you have the link in your bio in case we didn’t see your previous fifty posts. As @oper8tor56 put it, “you don’t have to remind us everyday.”

Did we miss anything? If so, add your own Instagram pet peeves in the comment section! Thanks to all of those on IG who pitched in to make this list.


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