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Happy Thanksgiving 2016! 10 Things I’m Thankful For

Every year around this time of the year most people celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by reflecting on all the reasons they have to be thankful.

Since many of you may be having special time with your family, I’ll keep today’s post straight to the point. I just wanted to join in the celebration and share with you all just a few of the things I’m thankful for in my life.

Unconditional Love by Jesus Christ

First and foremost I am always thankful for the unconditional way in which I’m loved by Jesus Christ. Everyday that I watch the news or log on to social media, I see the way people are judged by others and their names slandered or trashed for whatever reason. People are so quick to hate other people for faults they have themselves and some even hate people without knowing them or taking the time out to get to know them. I’m SO THANKFUL that Jesus doesn’t work like that. I’m thankful that He loves me and everyone else in a way that surpasses any other love we could ever feel in this world.


I’d have to say that this has been a year full of exponential growth for me and I’m so happy and grateful for that. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I used to feel that I needed to be a certain kind of person as and when I have the freedom and the right to just be me – to be who I am, flaws and all. I’ve outgrown wanting people to like me or tolerating people that I don’t even like just because. I’m able to stand up for myself and I no longer have a desire to speak on everything.

Healthy, Growing Baby

In 2014 I was told by my doctor that I’d need the help of fertility meds to become pregnant and yet here I am, six months pregnant with my first child – a baby boy. I couldn’t be more thankful because I didn’t think this day would come at all, much less at the time that it did. I had to change my perspective of being pregnant so that I could truly appreciate what a blessing, privilege and honor it is to bring life into this world. I’m so thankful for this sweet little boy that is helping me become more of the woman I’ve always wanted to be!

Second Chances

I’m thankful for second chances – in life and in love. We can never get time back but we can take each new opportunity to try something again for what it’s really worth. I’m so thankful that my mistakes weren’t the end but they brought along new chances to make things better.

Supportive Family, Loved Ones and Readers

I’m thankful to have so many friends and loved ones who genuinely support me in all aspects of my life. Support means a lot and goes a long way and in my case, having support has kept me from going crazy. I also have to thank those of you who read this blog on a regular basis and support me through sharing my posts, leaving comments and liking them.

Great Health

Not only was I healthy enough to become pregnant naturally after being told I wouldn’t, I’m in great mental, physical and spiritual health overall. I’ve been fortunate enough to not gain any weight during my pregnancy so far and all of my tests (and baby’s) have come back great. Mentally, I’m a lot more self-aware and unfazed by negativity. Spiritually, I’m better because I’m starting to understand more and more that God’s love is not something I have to earn so I don’t beat myself up over my mistakes anymore. It makes me a lot more compassionate toward others and that’s always something to give thanks for.

Talents and Abilities

I’m thankful that I have the talents that I have. They’ve opened my world up to so many career and life possibilities and even though I haven’t made the best use of them this year, I will no longer take them for granted.

God’s Provision

I had a major hit to happen to my finances shortly after I found out I was pregnant and it has been challenging (to say the least) to adjust to. I’ll share more when the time is right but just know that if it wasn’t for God, I don’t know how I’d be making it! Whew! For that, I am beyond thankful!


With the election of Donald Trump and all the foolishness I’ve been observing on social media lately, I’m just thankful to be educated and have knowledge. I think this is something that I’ve taken for granted until recently but I’m truly grateful just to know and be aware of certain information.

New Beginnings

Last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for new beginnings. I just celebrated my 29th birthday so I’ve welcomed this chapter with much excitement. I’m looking for all there is to come in my life and the new life I’ll have once my son comes into this world. :)

Your Turn!

If you haven’t already, I want to challenge you to think of a few things that you are thankful for. You can share them with others (in the comments section too!) or you can reflect privately – it’s totally up to you. Just take a moment to give thanks and it’ll help you manifest more to be thankful for in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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