10 Romantic Date Ideas For Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year and it’s a great time to get romantic and fall in love all over again with your significant other.

The temperatures are beginning to cool and many times, it takes away the number of choices for date night with your love. We’ve compiled a list of 10 romantic date ideas to try this fall. We guarantee that they’ll bring you and your boo closer and will give you all memories that will last a lifetime.

Check them out below.


1. Visit the state or county fair. I love the fair! It’s been a tradition of mine to go at least once every year and it’s always more special as and when I go with a date. Taking in the lights and the rides while sharing some of the fair’s most popular foods is a great way to get close and create memories.


2. Visit your local pumpkin patch. I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch but I’m sure this particular date would put you in the holiday spirit and it’s a two-for-one. After you and your partner shop for pumpkins, you can take one home and carve it or decorate it for Halloween.


3. Tour a haunted house. If you’re a daring couple, head over to the nearest haunted house to take a tour. Ladies, feel free to snuggle up against your man because you’re “scared.”

Tailgating: Cute Couple Ready to Attend Game

4. Go tailgating. Tailgating is a great way to spend time with your significant other in a friendly, group setting. Enjoy BBQ and beer pong and then head over to the football stadium to watch the game. Don’t forget your blanket!

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5. Get that last picnic of the year in. If you’re like me and live in the South, you still have time to get one more picnic in before the weather is too cold or uncomfortable to just sit outside and do nothing in. Instead of wine, try sharing hot chocolate or cider together. Instead of sandwiches, grab a thermos and prepare soups instead. The leaves that are likely surrounding you will make for some beautiful scenery for your photos.


6. Visit a harvest festival. Many communities and churches host fall festivals in October. These are great for games and food and couples can even bring the kids out for an afternoon or evening of fun.


7. Cook together. There are tons of recipe ideas on Pinterest to choose from for you and your significant other’s cooking date. I don’t know what it is about preparing a meal together, but it surely leads to a fabulous dessert. :)


8. Have a “bedroom” date. Sometimes the best romantic dates don’t require you to leave your home. Stay in bed all day, afternoon and/or night with your partner. You all can cuddle, watch movies, binge watch your favorite TV series on Netflix and chat, among other things.


9. Complete a DIY project together. Crafting is a great way to get close to the ones you love, but it isn’t just limited to children and moms. You and your partner can choose a DIY project to complete together. It can be something as simple as creating a painting, but it will be a memory with a real-life reminder that you can cherish for years to come.


10. Take a romantic walk. Join hands and take a walk around your neighborhood or the park. Enjoy the leaves falling and take a few stops to hug and kiss.

Do you have any other romantic date ideas for the fall? Share them in our comments section!

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