10 Reasons To Buy-In To kweliTV

Tired of the same old films and television shows on Netflix and Hulu? There’s a new kid on the block and it’s offering something no other television streaming service provides – exclusive content dedicated to people of African descent.

Kweli means “truth” in Swahili and kweliTV is on a mission to truthfully share the stories, issues and culture of the global black community. I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should support kweliTV by becoming a subscriber. Check them out below.

1. Quality, black independent films, documentaries, and entertainment all on demand

kweliTV is an interactive, streaming TV platform that provides quality entertainment for blacks, by blacks.

2. Exclusivity

kweliTV is the first media platform dedicated entirely to people of African descent.

3. Content with a purpose

The content available on kweliTV is used to recruit, educate, and engage Black communities while also promoting self-empowerment.

4. Provides opportunities

You don’t have to be a major film producer to have your work featured on the website. kweliTV accepts submissions from black independent filmmakers and video content producers.

5. Offers original content

You will find content that is only available through kweliTV. So as a subscriber, you’re always on the VIP list. Cool, right?

6. The founder is an HBCU graduate

She’s a Jackson State University graduate to be exact! DeShuna Spencer studied communications and journalism at JSU and in addition to operating kweliTV, she is also the founding publisher of emPower magazine.

7. Easy to access

kweliTV will be accessible through multiple mediums including the web, mobile (iOS, Android, etc.), smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizo, etc.) and internet TV (AppleTV, Roku, Google Chrome, Amazon Fire TV, etc.).

8. Interactive

kweliTV will contain a live, interactive component where customers will be able to seamlessly engage with filmmakers, actors, actresses and more.

9. Multiple subscription options

Viewers have the option of choosing a subscription that best fits their needs, whether its a free subscription or one of the other reasonably priced options. For more details, click here and scroll down for pricing information.

10. Try it before you buy it

The beta version of kweliTV is launching this summer with special promotional offers, allowing you to try the service out before becoming a paid subscriber. The official launch will be in December 2015.

For more information about kweliTV, follow them on their social media networks and be sure to check out their YouTube channel by clicking here.

kweliTV Twitter – @kweliTV
kweliTV Instagram – @kwelitv
kweliTV Facebook – kweliTV

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