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10 Natural Hair Slayers To Follow On Instagram

I’m sure you’d agree that having natural hair requires a lot of things – Instagram research being one of them.

No matter if you wear your hair in its natural state 100% of the time or if you like to play with protective styles, wigs and extensions, being natural involves a constant search for style inspiration and one of my favorite places to look other than YouTube, is Instagram. (You can follow me if you’d like *smile*)

Instagram has no shortage of naturalistas with amazing hair, but there are few who actually experiment with different styles and let their followers in on tips and tricks they used to achieve them. That’s where this list comes in!

Below I’ve listed 10 natural hair slayers you should be following for style inspiration. You can thank me later :)



Jessica is like the Rihanna of natural hair. She’s basically a rockstar. She experiments with edgy styles and bold colors but she also wears her hair in elegant, soft styles as well. An added bonus of following her is seeing her beautiful daughter and how she styles her hair.



Since I watched a tutorial for crochet braids that looked like a sew-in with straight hair, I’ve been following Jodi for her hair vids. She wears a lot of protective styles and sometimes I’d wish that she’d do more with her actual hair but she’s a perfect person to follow for protective style inspiration – especially if you’re participating in my Summer 16 Protective Style Challenge.



I don’t think there is a person with natural hair that hasn’t seen or heard of Whitney aka Naptural85. I love that she consistently creates new looks with her own hair. Although her tresses are on the long end, many of her styles can be manipulated to fit someone with shorter hair.



Chime also has very long hair but she is a great person to follow for protective style inspiration as well. She frequently experiments with braids, buns and twisted styles.



Kim doesn’t post many hair photos on Instagram, but as and when she does…she slays. Obviously. I’m more of a fan of hers on YouTube, but I wanted to include her on this list because many of her looks can be achieved without having to watch the tutorial video.



Brittny is also a natural hair rockstar. She isn’t afraid to chop her locks, color them or cover them with a wig. She’s great to follow because you never know what she’s going to do next.



Alyssa is more of a makeup person but she does share the products she uses along with different styles for naturals with long hair or looser curl patterns. I also like her method of instruction and she’s very consistent with her posts.



She literally got me through my tapered cut days. This beauty is so creative when it comes to styles for short/medium length hair. She incorporates lots of perm rod styles along with styles to last for days at a time.



Although they could technically be counted as three people, the sister trio comprised of India, Carmen and Toni are never short on gorgeous styles to emulate. The cool thing about following these ladies is that they are all at different points in their journeys with different hair textures and lengths.



Vaughn is great to follow because she’s constantly showcasing styles that feature texture manipulation such as blowouts and bantu knot outs. She also wears protective styles quite often as well.


Who are your favorite naturals to follow on Instagram? Leave their names in the comment section below!

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