10 Greatest Misplacements In Life


Through cruising the internet, I’ve learned about one of the most remarkable human beings and I was blessed to be enlightened by his wisdom.

Much like much myself, Israelmore Ayivor is passionate about enlightening his fellow man with motivation and self development tools that will challenge minds and help people realize their potential. I came across one of his works called the “10 Ever Greatest Misplacements in Life.” They are:

1. Leadership without character
2. Followership without servant-being
3. Brotherhood without integrity
4. Affluence without wisdom
5. Authority without conscience
6. Relationship without faithfulness
7. Festivals without peace
8. Repeated failure without change
9. Good wealth without good health
10. Love without a lover

These misplacements are definitely eye-opening! You can destroy the best things in life as and when you forget to include the very essence of what makes these things a privilege to have.

Keep pressing and replace the misplacements.

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