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Even though I blog everyday, I read a lot of blogs too. In fact, blogs are some of my favorite things to read other than books. My favorite kind of blogs have a combination of things like great branding, consistency in posts, creativity in posts and of course the writer’s point of view.

Here are 10 blogs that I enjoy and would love to share with you. Bookmark this post so you can check them all out.

mimicutelipsheadshot3-683x10241. MIMICUTELIPS

Niche: Lifestyle
Why I Enjoy It: I recently discovered Mimi after becoming a member of BLM Girls and I love her blog. I like it because it’s well organized and her brand is clear. Although her following is small she has a ton of engagement and secures lots of brand opportunities because of it.


Niche: Relationships/Race
Why I Enjoy It: Deep down inside I’m a quirky girl at heart and everyone knows I’m a romantic to the fullest. Quirky, Brown Love shares date night ideas and relationship tips for couples as well as articles about black women and the black race in general. I also really like the way the blog is branded even though I wish the editor would’ve shared a page about her and her story and what led her to create the blog.

14349167304653. ELLE & COMPANY

Niche: Entrepreneurship/Design
Why I Enjoy It: The Elle & Company blog is one of the best resources I’ve come across as a blogger and entrepreneur. Lauren keeps it real as and when it comes to her business and how she encounters struggles and obstacles just like the next person. She also freely shares information about how she has developed a process for growing her clientele and making sure she doesn’t overbook herself. I enjoy her posts so much that I subscribed to her newsletter.

10915040_10153142167934283_7406231712604078875_o4. THINK & GROW CHICK

Niche: Entrepreneurship/Empowerment
Why I Enjoy It: I’m a new reader of this blog and I love Courtney’s writing style. Her website is also very interactive and is full of resources to help you be your best self and the best business person you can be. From books to podcasts and webinars, she has you covered.

blog-photo-e13809009866925. CHAMPAGNE AND CAKE

Niche: Weddings
Why I Enjoy It: JaVaughnae is my #BloggerBae so I may be a little biased, but this blog is a one-stop shop for all the help you need with planning your wedding. She also has a free workbook that will help you create a vision board for your wedding as well as an online shop full of goodies for your big day.

10645311_10152276389695496_8563939606312433946_n6. VERY SMART BROTHAS

Niche: Pop Culture
Why I Enjoy It: Man, oh man…this is one of my FAVORITE blogs. The wit and zero f*cks given attitude of the writers keeps me on the edge of my seat for their next post. I think Damon and Panama are my favorite writers and their article titles alone will give you a good laugh. I found out about this blog through Madame Noire when Panama was featured on one of their series. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this jewel.

193113_479030395469402_1128257611_o7. I CAN REPEAT IT

Niche: Entertainment
Why I Enjoy It: LaJanee’ is also a #BloggerBae and I really appreciate her rawness (is that a word?) and unfiltered opinion, hence the title of her blog. She keeps her readers updated on all things in the urban entertainment world and beyond. She’s also an author and has released several novellas.


Niche: Personal/Relationships
Why I Enjoy It: Demetria (aka Belle) has an “Ask Demetria” column where she takes on letters from readers and gives them advice. I always liked these type of features in print magazines and newspapers and since technology has advanced, we don’t see these as often so it’s very refreshing to read. She’s also really witty and intelligent.


Niche: Food
Why I Enjoy It: This is my favorite food blog because her recipes are so easy to replicate and they are actually damn delicious LOL. My favorite is her Chicken Fried Rice. I also love the consistency in her branding and her entire site, really. She made me excited about trying new recipes.

181214_10152879158535089_300507542_n10. UNTIL I GET MARRIED

Niche: Dating & Relationships
Why I Enjoy It: I literally just found out about this blog and I’m so happy I did. I love reading about dating and relationships from a male’s perspective because they always seem to provide valuable and interesting insight. Until I Get Married is a blog written by a “modern day bachelor.” He provides advice to readers who’ve written him and he also shares his own experiences.

I tried to share a variety of blogs and authors to add some spice to your daily blog list. Now, it’s…

Your Turn To Talk…

Share with me in the comments section your favorite blogs to read (I’m always on the lookout for new blogs) and let me know how you liked the ones I shared here.

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