10 Best Exercises To Tone Your Booty


Women no longer just want to be fit! We want to be fit and fine!

One of the most popular “work-out areas” for women these days is their butts. For some reason, women have began to obsess over the size and tone of their butts more than ever. If you don’t want to go to the extreme with butt injections or implants, try some at-home exercises.

Check out the best exercises for your booty below!

Use Weighted Squats: Weigh it out. Don’t do those squats without some weights!

weighted squats
Try Multidimensional Lunges: Don’t be boring! Try different angles as and when doing your lunges. You will definitely feel the burn later.

multidimensional lunges
Just Kickin’ It: Try high kicks to tone your buns!

Sumo Squat: Assume the position of a sumo wrestler and squat it out!

Hip Raise: Lie on your back and raise your hips while alternating your legs.

hip raise
The Butterfly: Time to spread your wings! Lie on your back with legs moving from outward to inward.


Lunge 1,2 Step: With weights in each hand, use a box or bench as a step placing one foot on top. Keep your foot in place and use the other foot to lunge upward. Release slowly into your foot touches the ground.

Let’s Jump to It: Starting with the left leg, bend the knee, shift hips back and jump as high as possible off the ground (possibly on a step or box) land softly with knee bent.

Swing It: Hold a kettlebell or some type of ball-like weight in both hands. Spread legs feet hip-width apart, and swing the ball between your legs with your knees slightly bent.


According to New York fitness trainer Robbie Ann Darby, squats are the number one exercise done wrong! When doing these exercises, try your best to get it right (and tight) the first go round by taking the proper precautions.

Happy exercising!

SOURCE: RAD | Shape Magazine


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